Members and Organisations

Full list of institues and consortia providing their expertise for researching COVID-19

GMMCC Members

The GMMCC is comprised of 22 institutes and centres that represent a formidable collection of resources and expertise in mouse genetics, genomics, and response to pathogen research that are able to serve worldwide research into SARS-CoV2.

Name Country Links
Name: Baylor College of Medicine Country: USA
Name: CAM-SU Genomic Resource Center, Soochow University Country: China
Name: Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences-ILAS, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Country: China
Name: Czech Centre for Phenogenomics, IMG Country: Czech Republic
Name: CNR Monterotondo Country: Italy
Name: European Bioinformatics Institute Country: United Kingdom
Name: Helmholtz-Zentrum Muenchen Country: Germany
Name: PHENOMIN, Strasbourg Country: France
Name: Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, Pune Country: India
Name: The Jackson Laboratory Country: USA
Name: Korea Mouse Phenotyping Center Country: South Korea
Name: MRC Harwell Country: United Kingdom
Name: National Laboratory Animal Center, National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) Country: Taiwan
Name: MARC Nanjing University Country: China
Name: PCDDP North-West University Country: South Africa
Name: Phenomics Australia Country: Australia
Name: QMUL- Queen Mary University London Country: United Kingdom
Name: RIKEN BioResource Research Center Country: Japan
Name: The Centre for Phenogenomics (TCP) Country: Canada
Name: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Country: Spain
Name: UC Davis Country: USA
Name: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Country: United Kingdom

GMMCC Organisations

The GMMCC includes a number of well-established public mouse genetics consortia that provide design, production, and functional analysis of genetic mutation (IMPC, INFRAFRONTIER) and archiving and distribution of mutant mouse strains and resources of mouse for biomedical research (AMMRA based in Asia, INFRAFRONTIER-EMMA based in Europe, the MMRRC in the US, and the CMMR in Canada)

Name Country Links
Name: Asian Mouse Mutagenesis Resource Association Country: Asia & Australia
Name: Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository Country: Canada
Name: European Mouse Mutant Archive Country: Europe
Name: The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium Country: International
Name: INFRAFRONTIER Country: Europe
Name: Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center Country: USA
Name: National Institutes of Health Country: USA
Name: National Human Genome Research Institute Country: USA